Affordable Video Marketing

Sometimes you find yourself working with a big-budget client and you start spending lavishly. Getting top-notch equipment, hiring top of the line talent and pulling out all the stops, and this is great. But what about the other times when you have strict budgetary constraints? Do you sacrifice quality or reject the client all-together? No, you bootstrap and work with what you have got. We will discuss how to get the most bang out of affordable video marketing and still deliver the same quality your clients love you for.

1# Rethink Production

Start thinking do you really need a live-action video with lights, cameras, cast, and a director? Or what you really need is a neat animated explainer video that highlights your unique selling point and communicates the benefits of your service to the customer in 50-90 seconds? Animated videos cost significantly less and work best for intangible products or services.

On the other hand, if you have a physical product, it might be better to go the live-action route. In this case, you should consider tapping into the hidden talents of your co-workers. Instead of hiring a scriptwriter, one of your colleagues might have a knack for writing. Someone else could be the next Morgan Freeman – Okay. Maybe not, but still he might be able to pull off the job successfully.

maintain high quality with affordable video marketing

2# Live Video and Webinars

Hosting a round of Q&A using Facebook Live will probably cost you almost nothing. All you need is your laptop and voilà! Here you are, sitting answering your audience and engaging them at practically zero cost. One more option is to set up a webinar where you can provide your audience with tips and tricks about your niche. In this case, you’re not just educating your audience, but you’re also expanding your subscribers’ database using affordable video marketing. Not to mention, live video and webinars are great video marketing content for the audience at the middle of the funnel stage.

create affordable video marketing with high quality

3# User-Generated Video

Your audience is your greatest asset. Leverage the resources you already have, and ask the loyal customers to record a short testimonial video after using your product/service. It’s affordable, authentic and likely to drive sales since customers trust other customers.

high quality affordable video marketing

4# Test and Optimize

The best way to cut on ad spend on videos is to always test new targeting, placements, and devices to see where to keep boosting your content and where to stop. You also need to keep track of how your audience is interacting with your video to see whether the effort was worth it or not. One way to do this is by using a social video analytics dashboard like Mintrics.

By providing you with in-depth analytics on how your video content is performing, you’ll be able to produce affordable video marketing content without compromising on the quality your audience love.

In short, it’s indeed possible to do affordable video marketing. You don’t have to shell out a fortune to get your brand in front of the right audience.

Don’t go after the flashy graphics, focus on your audience and always test and optimize, and you’ll have a successful video marketing campaign at a low cost.  

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