Tarek Shalaby

YouTube and Facebook: Discovering New Videos

It’s great when you know what you’re looking for, but in most cases, you don’t. And that’s why content discovery matters. The idea is that the video content you’d enjoy and consume makes its way to you, without you searching… Continue Reading →

Facebook Views vs YouTube Views: Calculating Real Views

Any video uploaded to Facebook is guaranteed to surpass the number of views it gets on YouTube – but how are views calculated on each social network, and which number is the real one we should believe and work with?… Continue Reading →

The different ways in which brands are doing videos on Facebook

We’ve spoken about the importance of video marketing in the last post, especially with how relatively easy it is to pull off, and how enjoyable it is to consume by the different audiences (given that the content’s not crap, obviously)…. Continue Reading →

Video marketing’s HOT, and here’s why

Videos across social have been spreading like wildfire and the flame’s only getting hotter. 8bn daily views on Facebook should be telling you to give the crowds the content form they seek before it’s too late and you find yourself… Continue Reading →

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