Case Studies Brought Exclusively from The State of Social Video in 2018 | Egypt edition.

Do you realize how many videos are published every year? We tracked around 1000 brands in Egypt, in 29 industries. The top industries were FMCG, Telecommunications heading over NGO.

The number of videos published in 2018 was exactly 43.1K video across Facebook and YouTube and the data shows a constant increase in video distribution.

This amount generated 7.27 Billion views, 4M comments, and 6.47 shares, and around 60M reactions.

FMCG, in particular, has published an average of 492 videos monthly, generating 263K avg. views and 2.8K avg. engagement. 

We put Pepsi, Molto, and Chipsy under the Mintrics’ microscope. The below charts are snippets from the report, comparing the engagement and viewership rates of all three brands in every month of 2018.  

Campaign analysis & case study of molto chipsy & pepsi

                                            The chart compares the engagement performance per month

We see that Pepsi is the top performer in terms of engagement through most of 2018, especially in May with 1M views for their 70-years celebrating campaign, concluding of 17 videos featuring songs from different decades. 

pepsi molto chipsy campaign analysis and case studies

                                            The chart compares the viewership performance per month


Chipsy was the top performer in terms of viewership during March with 35M views for their happiness campaign.

Pepsi Egypt

This past year, the Pepsi video featuring Mohamed Salah  with Vodafone grossed 19M views

You’ll see Orange, Vodafone, and Telecom Egypt in another campaign analysis brought to you by Mintrics. Feel free to post any campaign analysis requests in the comments below and we’ll do our best to bring it to you here.

Pepsi came in the 1st place with 27% of the total views of FMCG brands, that’s 1.4x higher than Chipsy in the 2nd place with 19%.

Chipsy Egypt

We have also Chipsy surpassing the other FMCG video producers, especially in March with their “Happiness Campaign” consisting of 10 videos. Surprisingly, the views they grossed this month account for 27% of their overall views to date. This video as an example grossed +16M views on Facebook alone:


Molto Egypt

They rebranded and released a series of western looking copies with main stream celebrities. The performance was sub-par when benchmarked vs other major campaigns

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