Advertisers Hate Blocking Auto-play Videos | Chrome Updates

Unpleasant Google Chrome Updates for Advertisers   Social media users are undoubtedly happy about these chrome updates. But looking at the other side of the world, where advertisers used to take advantage of this feature, it was quite a blast…. Continue Reading →

Facebook vs YouTube: Pros and Cons of Publishing Videos on Each

You can publish your videos everywhere, but you can’t focus your time, effort and budget on every single video platform out there. We had put together an intro to the battle for your videos between Facebook and YouTube. And now,… Continue Reading →

Facebook vs YouTube: The Battle For Video Content

Video content is not only an integral part of any marketing campaign and content publishing, but it is also estimated to surpass 75% of all consumer-based internet traffic in the coming three years. The digital video space lured many online… Continue Reading →

Facebook Views vs YouTube Views: Calculating Real Views

Any video uploaded to Facebook is guaranteed to surpass the number of views it gets on YouTube – but how are views calculated on each social network, and which number is the real one we should believe and work with?… Continue Reading →

Do We Watch Videos To The End? A Closer Look into Retention & Views [Infographic]

Video content creators invest endless hours and bottomless dollars to deliver their messages to their target audience. We look at how the length of the video affects how much of the video people end up watching – what’s the relationship… Continue Reading →

5 Interesting Ramadan Consumption Facts 2018 [Infographic]

Here’s an infographic that shows five interesting facts based on Ramadan video-content consumption analysis on Facebook.

The different ways in which brands are doing videos on Facebook

We’ve spoken about the importance of video marketing in the last post, especially with how relatively easy it is to pull off, and how enjoyable it is to consume by the different audiences (given that the content’s not crap, obviously)…. Continue Reading →

Embrace Facebook Videos in 7 Steps

  Publishing, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook just makes sense. This is the platform that zooms past 8 billion video views every, single, day – a staggering jump from 500 million in late 2015. And most of these views… Continue Reading →

Video marketing’s HOT, and here’s why

Videos across social have been spreading like wildfire and the flame’s only getting hotter. 8bn daily views on Facebook should be telling you to give the crowds the content form they seek before it’s too late and you find yourself… Continue Reading →

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