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Part 2: The Ultimate Guide to Social Video Analytics

Youtube Video Analytics Recently Youtube made new improvements to their video policies and minors guidelines. One advantage Youtube has over Facebook is its detailed analytics dashboard (Youtube’s creator studio) that we will go over in details. The video analytics dashboard… Continue Reading →

Part 1: The Ultimate Guide to Online Video Analytics

Q1 What is Online Video Analytics? Analytics: it’s the systematic computation of data or statistics resulting in actionable information. Online video analytics is the information resulting from analyzing statistical data of online videos, as in, number of views, engagement rates,… Continue Reading →

Are Brands looking at the Correct Video Marketing Metrics?

It’s easy to get misled by measuring the wrong video metrics. We call those (vanity metrics) they tend to be positive and comforting but they really don’t add value to your brand objectives. This misleading data could be in the… Continue Reading →

How to Master YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing Guide Youtube is the ultimate platform for publishing video content despite the recent onslaught from Facebook, it’s more user experience driven when it comes to videos. Hence obviously Youtube will remain a core part of almost any… Continue Reading →

Why Brands Are Heavily Gravitating Towards Data-Driven Video

Why Brands Use Data-Driven Video? The marketing game has been evolving rapidly. At first, when digital media was still a nascent industry, the amount of data-driven video content was little. This means that consumers weren’t bombarded with online video advertisements… Continue Reading →

4 Video Marketing Best Practices You Should Be Following

Video Marketing Best Practices You came here because you know the value of video content marketing. Either your agency has been using online video marketing for a long time, getting the best ROI, and now you want to maximize your… Continue Reading →

5 Online Video Marketing Mistakes You’re Doing

Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid  The popularity of online video is going to fly more than before thanks to the new interactive formats starting to gain ground such as VR and 360 videos. However, if you’re just starting with… Continue Reading →

Create Affordable Video Marketing Without Sacrificing Quality

Affordable Video Marketing Sometimes you find yourself working with a big-budget client and you start spending lavishly. Getting top-notch equipment, hiring top of the line talent and pulling out all the stops, and this is great. But what about the… Continue Reading →

Online Video Metrics Brands Truly Care About

There’s a major shift in the metrics that agency execs care about. The new direction came about due to the generational gap between advertising agencies executives. One generation saw TV in its golden age while the other has witnessed the… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Compelling Explainer Video with Examples

Explainer Videos Explained Explainer video or overview videos are among the most popular tools for promoting a product. Why? Because they work. They can improve conversion rate by 15-75%, help consumers digest information faster and make it easier for the… Continue Reading →

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