Videos bring the highest engagement from your audience. People remember messages from videos much more than visuals, and definitely more than text. They also reach more people than any other type of content.

Marketeers believe that videos are 60% more effective than text. With all that buzz on videos across social, and brands/content creators shooting videos – and becoming better at it – it became very competitive to give your video a chance to shine.

Here are some tips to keep related to your audience:

  • Study your target audience behavior
    • Define your target audience, test it, study their behavior. It is important to know when they are online and ready to consume your video.
    • Use Facebook insights, or a video analytics tool such as, to know who really watches your videos, their age, gender, location or culture. That helps to set the type of content and video format relevant to your audience the most.But remember, keep testing your strategy: Testing Is Your Ultimate Content Strategy

  • Create an identity to your videos
    • Give your videos an identity, use your brand colors, use similar thumbnail formatting and editing.
    • Be catchy and attractive from the first sight – you literally have two seconds to get their attention and then keep them watching.
    • Your audience should be able to easily spot your videos. Whether it’s the branding, format, or even caption and hash tag; if they remember seeing a similar video before (even if they can’t recall exactly how they felt about it) they’re much more likely to watch on.
  • Follow your competitors
    • How can you evaluate your videos performance, if you have nothing to measure against? following your competitors gives you something to evaluate your performance accordingly.
    • It can give deep insights about what is going on in the market.
    • It also saves a lot of time in trying and testing, by knowing what is really working and what is not with your target audience.
  • Set yourself a benchmark
    • To keep your positioning high, you need to set yourself benchmarks. It could be based on your past performance, industry benchmarks, or competitors.
    • It could be a lot of efforts to collect, filter and use these data. Facebook insights isn’t easy to use, and very few tools deal with video analysis. But is one of the apps that keeps your historical data for later easy access.
    • Moreover, you can compare your videos to older ones.
    • But one of the super benefits of it is that it gives you videos benchmarks broken down by industry, gender, age and location.
  • Include influencers in your videos
    • Influencers are attractive to their audience. You need to choose which influencer to have in your videos according to your target audience and industry preferences. This helps your video -and by this your brand- to easily relate more to your audience.