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A closure into the social video trends and insights from the Mintrics lens. Understand the directions of consumption and distribution behaviors from the top performers in the video market.

Top Mother’s Day Video Advertising Campaigns of 2019 in Egypt

If You Thought Mother’s Day is Over, Reconsider! Mintrics’ unconditional love to videos equals a mother’s love for her children! Today, we’re featuring the top video advertising campaigns in Egypt 5 days after Mother’s Day passed.  308 videos were published… Continue Reading →

The Pedophilia Apocalypse on YouTube | Can We Fix it?!

YouTube is having a child exploitation crisis bubble up again More and more people are discovering that minors videos are being targeted by pedophiles. They use YouTube videos to contact each other and exchange child pornography outside the platform. Innocent… Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Video Insights & Case Studies (Egypt 2018-2019)

We were a bit late publishing this seeing that Valentine’s Day was a couple weeks ago but we guess it was mint to be! At Mintrics we analyze millions of social videos data daily and our database is constantly growing. This… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Halftime Show Bump, Fact or Fiction?

The Super Bowl halftime show has been a huge part of the American and global culture ever since Michael Jackson produced arguably one of the most memorable performances in the 1993 super bowl. Interestingly, the NFL (National Football League) has… Continue Reading →

People Loved “Let Me Be Frank” More Than House of Cards Season 6!

Kevin Spacey Confronting the accusations For those who may not be aware, 2 time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has more recently been busy starring as Frank Underwood in the hit Netflix show “House of Cards”. Roughly a year ago at… Continue Reading →

Facebook Watch Party Feature Released!

Facebook Watch Party Did you notice the Watch Party feature while scrolling down on Facebook? You can now watch videos simultaneously on facebook with your friends and favorite persons at the same time instead of watching alone and then sharing… Continue Reading →

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