How Lufthansa Inspired Travelers to Find Home Again in #inspiredby HEIMWEH – Video Campaign Analysis

September 25, 2017

In order to have a successful marketing video or an advertisement, you have to include certain elements in your video. Here, we will explore how a major brand like Lufthansa used video to inspire their audience to travel, generate interest in their services and shed a positive light on the brand using #inspiredby HEIMWEH video campaign. The agency responsible for the campaign is neuerandherzer, a German digital agency located in Berlin with many high-profile clients, such as: Hyperloop, Lufthansa and Mercedes-Benz.

Lufthansa started the campaign on the 5th of October by releasing a 30-seconds teaser video on their Facebook page titled “What is Heimweh?” The short video lays out the theme for the campaign which is centered around the word Heimweh. According to Lufthansa, Heimweh is “your birthplace, a place you always feel connected to. Despite all potential detachment, it’s literally your origin of personal growth.”

Japan: Volcano of Our Childhood
On October 12th, one week later after releasing the teaser, Lufthansa uploaded the first video in the campaign to YouTube and Facebook, titled “Japan: Volcano of Our Childhood” The video takes the audience in a journey with the Inoue Brothers, founders of the design/art studio named after them. The brothers grew up in Denmark, but they have never forgot their Japanese heritage, and Lufthansa helped them find their way back to home.

The video was watched 1,442,909 times on YouTube and 2,203,250 times on Facebook, 318 people liked the video while only 20 disliked the video on YouTube. On Facebook, 16,000 people liked the video, 688 loved it, 261 were amazed by it, 11 people reacted angrily to it and 2,828 people shared it. The video also generated 32 comments on YouTube and 427 comments on Facebook with some very positive comments from the audience about the ad, such as:

“Most beautiful commercial ever. Nice job, Lufthansa. This hit right in the heart 😢” –Acro Kill

“Simply beautiful, as a Spanish born, Danish resident, visiting and working right now in Japan, living abroad between Europe and the US, I couldn’t be happier to be here and see this inspiring story. Storytelling connects us, make us remember who truly we are, wherever we live, wherever where were born or will die, home is where we find ourselves understood  🙂 Merci!” –Inma Carpe

“25 years in Japan and I’m still awed by it and this video – beautifully videographed – expresses this superbly.” –Guy DE LA RUPELLE

Japan volcano of our childhood - inspiredby HEIMWEH campaign

Nepal: The Colors of Home
The second video was released Feb 28, 2017, and this time the destination was Nepal. This time, the video featured Arpana Rayamajhi, the NYC-based jewelry designer. The audience can see her returning back to Kathmandu, and how the colors of her home city are reflected in her own designs and personal life.

Nepal: The Colors of Home video generated 3,131,615 views on YouTube and 13,000,000 views on Facebook. It also received 617 likes and 40 dislikes on YouTube while on Facebook the video received 20,000 likes, 619 love reaction, 129 wow reaction, 26 laughing reaction, 15 sad reaction and 11 angry reactions. The video also got 2,451 shares, 50 comments on YouTube and 353 comments on Facebook. In the comments, people demanded an even longer version and some even said it was the first time they watched an ad till the end.

Nepal The colors of home - inspiredby HEIMWEH campaign

Russia: A Home Unknown
The third and final video in the campaign was published on July 24th, 2017, titled “Russia: A Home Unknown” In this video, Lufthansa connects Emilia Schüle, the German actress, with her home country where she was born. The video touches on the subject of personal identity and self discovery. The video also beautifully portrays the connection a person has to his past and the various cultural influences we experience that shape our personality today.

This surreal interpretation of life was a sure hit. The video managed to amass 3,958,865 views on YouTube and 13,000,000 views on Facebook. Reactions on the video totaled 18,000 reaction split into 17,000 likes, 557 love, 57 angry reactions, 37 laughs, 32 amazement reactions and 12 sad reacts. While on YouTube the video received 907 likes and 47 dislikes.

Russia a home unknown - inspiredby HEIMWEH campaign

Campaign Results

inspiredby HEIMWEH campaign Results

Campaign Takeaways

We can learn many lessons from this campaign:
Each video was a perfect example of good storytelling. It told a beautiful story that the target audience can easily relate to. The impact of those stories were also amplified by the use of celebrities and influential people. We can also see that Lufthansa used closed captions in their videos to maximize reach and engagement.  

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