Kevin Spacey Confronting the accusations

For those who may not be aware, 2 time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has more recently been busy starring as Frank Underwood in the hit Netflix show “House of Cards”.

Roughly a year ago at the apex of the #MeToo movement Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct and the momentum of the #MeToo movement forced Netflix to ultimately fire him from the show and air a 6th and final season without him

On December 24th just as news leaked that Kevin Spacey was charged with sexual assault he broke his media silence and posted a video titled “Let me be Frank”

Kevin Spacey appears in the youtube video performing as his House of Cards character Frank Underwood, addressing his fans. Stating among other things “You wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you?” regarding the accusations against him.

Do people really do what they say?

We decided at Mintrics to dig into the analytics of the youtube video in terms of performance and unearthed some interesting insights:

  • The “Let me be Frank” video on youtube went viral in the first few hours hitting over 4M views
  • On Youtube, the official trailer of the house of cards seasons 6 (without Kevin Spacey) received roughly 777K views only. Which means Spacey’s video achieved 4x higher views vs the official season 6 trailer!
  • The scenario was somewhat similar on Facebook, as Spacey’s video received 925K views against HoC’s 785K views

When we compared engagement on the two youtube videos we were completely caught off guard!

The “Let me be Frank” Videos garnered over 100K reactions. 71% of engagements were positive while only 1.4% upset or outraged. That on the other side, “HoC” Season 6 Trailer slightly earned over 10K reactions with only 50% positive reactions. How shocking is that?!

People loved Spacey's "Let Me Be Frank" 11X more than Clarie's House of Cards Season 6


During the first seven days of its availability, the season 6 premiere episode in full received an average minute audience of 2.9 million U.S. viewers compared with 4.4 million for season 5’s first episode over the same time period (May 30-June 5 2017).

Here’s the Nielsen breakdown of U.S. viewing by episode for “HOC” season 6:

House of cards season 6 episodes performance

Though roughly a year ago, people were outraged when the sexual assault allegations first came to light. A huge push was made to insert Claire (his wife) in the lead role in season 6.

When Kevin Spacey appeared again as “Frank Underwood” people seemed to be more than willing to put their personal feelings aside to support their favorite “reality” Washington politician. 

Update: Views are in constant increase. Just 3 days since it was posted it has garnered +7.5M views already!

Kevin Spacey let me be frank Video Viewership

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