Celebrating Our Competitive Leaderboard

We’ve been analyzing online video content since 2016. Helping brands recognize their position in the market, advertisers indicate the conversions of their video marketing, and publishers find the best ways to attract qualified leads. All while sending actionable and personalized insights with suggestions to better distribution strategies.

Yet, there was one thing that’s been missing. Delivering competitor performance insights that all marketing users could benefit from. And for that, our data-team developed Mintrics competitive leaderboard. Developing the competitive leaderboard in our app wasn’t an easy thing to do. But we’re proud to say it’s now published.

Mintrics The App

Don’t you ever wonder how your favorite brand came up? What did it look like as an idea and then lead to a grand authentic name that everybody talks about?!

Well, let me tell you how Mintrics came up.

Before Mintrics, we led a successful digital creative agency where video creation was part of our job. Check out why brands are gravitating towards data-driven videos.

At some point, we needed to analyze the performance of our videos. To understand what each interaction with our content means and how to better optimize our video marketing plans.

The report included video content. We searched through all the video analytic tools we could find on the internet but we couldn’t find one tool that would provide what we needed.

There was also no tool in the Middle East that’s specialized in video marketing analytics. We decided OK, let’s be the first!

So we made our own tool. We activated it, used it, and clients came flowing!

celebrating our new competitive leaderboard

Not only brands and advertisers now use Mintrics to understand how their audience interacts with the content they publish and to find new ways to optimize their distribution strategies, but content publishers and creators too.

How does it work?

Once you sign up to our app using Facebook or YouTube, we collect all the videos you’ve uploaded on social media platforms and compare their performance, on one dashboard.

analyze your uploaded video content across platforms in one dashboard

The data shows up immediately, telling you how every video performed in the market; views, engagement, retention and publish date, along with Mintrics meter. You can also set the date range.

We implemented our own algorithm that evaluates video performance from 0 to 10 based on all important metrics. Join now and see how your content scores in Mintrics Meter.

So you see your Mintrics Meter score, views, relation, and engagement. And if you dive deeper with a premium account, you get personalized, actionable insights and comprehensive reports telling what to do exactly with these data.

What’s new in the app? Besides the competitive leaderboard, we now also provide Instagram insights!

The Competitive Leaderboard

We don’t believe in settling down. We learn from previous mistakes, take feedback notes, and we improve. competitive leaderboard videos performance look

What’s new?

  1. Different style, a smooth look & feel.
  2. Data shows in 1.25 second. (No more waiting!)
  3. Track your competitors’ top/lowest performing videos & distribution strategies.
  4. Understand how they perform on Facebook & YouTube.
  5. Get insights of top performing videos throughout +25 industries in your country.
  6. Position yourself among competitors in the market.
  7. Add new creators you want to track. 

This is what our clients needed. And so we provided them with it. Check it out.


competitive leaderboard site landing page

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