Introducing Our Competitor Leaderboard

We proud to announce this new feature that hopefully helps serves a lot of use cases. The concept is simple, choose a market then decide on an industry and we will give you detailed analytics and insights into the performance of the publishers across all verticals that should be of great use to you pre-production as well as post production.

Mintrics -> The App

Before Mintrics, our co-founders established a successful digital creative agency where video creation was core of our job. Check out why brands are gravitating towards data-driven videos.

At one point a client asked us to provide a detailed report with regards to the ROI on their video content. We searched online for a tool that could help us answer that question and when we couldn’t find anything we decided to start Mintrics!

celebrating our new competitive leaderboard

How does our Leaderboard work?

Once you sign up to our app using Facebook or YouTube, we collect all the videos you’ve uploaded on social media platforms and compare their performance, in one dashboard.

analyze your uploaded video content across platforms in one dashboard

The data appears in minutes notifying you with regards to how every video performed in terms of views, engagement, retention and much more.

We implemented our own machine learning based algorithms that evaluates video performance from 0 to 10 based on all the vital important metrics. Join now and see how your content scores on our Mintrics Meter.

The Competitive Leaderboard

competitive leaderboard videos performance look

What’s new?

  1. A new, simple look & feel.
  2. Data shows in 1.25 seconds. (No more waiting!)
  3. Track your competitors’ top/lowest performing videos & distribution strategies.
  4. Understand how they perform on Facebook & YouTube.
  5. Get insights on top performing videos throughout +25 industries in your country.
  6. Position yourself among competitors in the market.
  7. Add new creators you want to track. 

Check it out here.


competitive leaderboard site landing page

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