If You Thought Mother’s Day is Over, Reconsider!

Mintrics’ unconditional love to videos equals a mother’s love for her children!

Today, we’re featuring the top video advertising campaigns in Egypt 5 days after Mother’s Day passed. 

308 videos were published last year for mother’s day vs 353 this March which highlights the continued shift towards video globally

Mother’s Day Video Distribution Peak

The conversation about Mother’s day reaches a peak on the 21st of March, the day of the event, there isn’t much of a difference in the publishing behaviors between 2018 and 2019.

103 videos were published only on Mother’s day 2019 vs 8 last year. See the chart:

mother's day published videos

                                                                     Mother’s day conversation peak 2018 and 2019

Top Industries during Mother’s Day

The below chart displays the top industries on mother’s day throughout 2018 versus 2019.

mother's day top industries

                                                  Top video advertising industries on Mother’s day 2018 and 2019

Electronics always make a hard push during mother’s day, and they increased production and after publishing 39 videos last year, grossing 44M views and 600K of engagements – This year’s Mother’s Day, they increased the publishing quantity to 66 videos (during the whole March of course), on which they received 15M views and only 27K of engagements.

They increased production quantity, quality as well as paid distribution and despite that viewership dropped significantly…

On the flip side FMCGs published 39 videos on mother’s day in 2018 however only 28 in 2019. Their performance metrics also took a dip vs last year

  • 1K engagements + 13M views in 2018 on 39 videos
  • 1K engagements + 10M views in 2019 on 28 videos

Telecommunication brands contributed with videos last year generating 5M views and 100K engagements, but they increased their budget this year with 7 more videos grossing around 11M views and 200K engagements. We have Vodafone contributing with a similar video hijacking the Baby Shark trend on YouTube as we’ll see further in the article.

NGO’s increased their share on mother’s day with 35 videos vs 25 last year – that turned out great for them since they garnered 10M views and 200K engagements with their tear-jerking content strategy while last year they only had 1M views and 10K engagements.

Top Performing Brands in Mother’s Day 2019

The chart below shows the top advertising brands in mother’s day:

mother's day ad views 2019

                                                                      mother’s day top brands performance 2019

As we see in the chart, we have Elaraby Group being the top mother’s day contributor from Electronics accumilating 25K of the 27K engagement actions collected in Electronics. .

Check out the top 5 mother’s day video commercials produced (from a viewership standpoint):

Monumental Mother’s Day Commercials 2019

top 5 mother's day monumental ads


1# Elaraby’s If it wasn’t for mom – Electronics

A song dedicated to all mothers around the world:

The video accumulated 14M views alone in 2019 on Facebook (meaning rest of the videos published in electronics collected only 1M total views) vs only 78K views on YouTube

2# Mother’s Day with WE – Telecom

WE comes in 2nd with 6M views and 138K engagements featuring a folklore song dedicated to mothers as well:

3# Kiri Egypt Mother’s Day Commercial – FMCG

The third slot went to Kiri Mother’s Day 2019:

If you’re a nostalgia-lover, then Kiri’s commercial will steal your heart!

4# Baheya Foundation Mother’s Day Commercial

Baheya’s mother’s day video commercial was tear-jerking and well produced:

Every marketer knows the 5 elements that trigger engagement; Joy, sadness, fear, nostalgia, and anger. 

Our top 5 ads here play on these emotions, Baheya’s mother’s day commercial on the one side focuses on the fear and tear-jerking trigger. Fear of losing your mom on mother’s day, and the tear-jerking thought of not having her in your life.

5# Vodafone’s Baby Shark Commercial

Vodafone’s ad triggers joy and laughs, there’s not a child who hasn’t yet heard the baby shark song and not a single mother who hasn’t been hearing it humming in her ears all day long for the sake of her child.


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