Q1 What is Online Video Analytics?

Analytics: it’s the systematic computation of data or statistics resulting in actionable information.

Online video analytics is the information resulting from analyzing statistical data of online videos, as in, number of views, engagement rates, and other sorts of human interactions – in other words: online video analytics is the measurement of performance of online published videos.

Online videos performance is indicated by major key factors associated with each platform those videos are published on AND also associated with the key goals of the publisher – called KPIs or key performance indicators.

The goal behind measuring or analyzing online videos is to understand how well the content/video had an impact on the targeted audience.

Which is why we’re determined to provide actionable insights and optimization recommendations to our users at Mintrics.

Q2 Why Social Video Analytics?

Brands know the value of video marketing, that’s why they’re always on the lookout for creative agencies to provide them with video advertising to shoot their brand awareness through the roof or crafting a compelling explainer video that converts

However, after creating the video and distributing on the appropriate channels, can you justify the effort and money spent? If the client asks for ROI on the video, can you provide an answer?

Therefore, we will go through Facebook and Youtube video analytics and how to make the most out of them to enhance your videos distribution and validate the effectiveness of your video campaigns.

We will also discuss how to combine all your results in one unified dashboard like Mintrics, and how to use the unique metrics provided in our tool to get advanced scores across various social channels.


  1. Facebook Video Analytics
  2. YouTube Video Analytics
  3. Mintrics Analytics Dashboard

Facebook Video Analytics

There are +100 million hours watched and +8 billion views per day accumulated on Facebook, which makes the social platform a prime destination for brands. Accordingly Facebook provides its own set of video insights, split into five categories:

  1. Minutes viewed
  2. Video views
  3. 10-second views
  4. Video average watch time
  5. Audience and engagement

#1 Minutes viewed

This metric displays the total minutes viewed for a video, and it was one of the most requested features by publishers on Facebook.

That’s because it’s an indicator of the time your audience has spent consuming your brand’s message.

online video analytics - faceook minutes views


You can also view the minutes viewed you earned organically and the ones you earned by promoting your content, as well as the watched minutes of the video on the page vs. on video shares.

#2 Video views

The views count on Facebook has caused a lot of controversies, and that’s because they count a view as anyone who watched merely 3-seconds of a video.

This metric is a vanity metric and somewhat similar to reach in terms of importance.

In addition to comparing performance between organic vs. promoted, you can also see the numbers of views with sound on vs sound off- which is an important metric we utilize in our algorithm that generates our mintrics meter score. 

facebook video muted vs sound on views - online video analytics

#3 10-second views

Facebook recently introduced 10-seconds views which feels like a more accurate description of a view vs the 3 second view they were initially calculating.

facebook video insights - online video analytics - 10 minutes viewed

#4 Average Video Watch Time

One of the key metrics for Facebook video analytics. When you know your average watch time, you can determine the best place to deliver the brand’s message as well as how long the copy should run for on whole among other things.

This metric also contains a video retention rate. This shows how engaging your video is to your audience and at which points do they stop watching your videos.

facebook online video analytics - average video views

You should also pay attention to the click-to-play metric, if it’s very low, consider changing the post’s caption and pick a different thumbnail for the video.

Pro tip: Removing long or boring intros can help with the initial drop in retention rate at the beginning of the video.

#5 Audience and Engagement

Here’s where you get to know your audience. You start by looking at how many people your video has reached, their age, location, and gender.

This will greatly help brands in developing personalized videos specifically tailored to their audience.

 audience and engagement facebook video views - online video analytics

You can also see the number of unique viewers that have seen your video and the total number of engagement (reactions, comments, and shares) your video got.

6# Audience retention

Here you can see who stopped to watch your video while it played automatically against who actually clicked to play it. 

audience retention on faceook video insights - online video analytics

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Mintrics Analytics Dashboard

As a bonus to having most of the major metrics that we mentioned earlier in our video analytical dashboard. We also have a set of unique metrics developed specially to make social video analysis much easier.

online video analytics - mintrics score

These metrics include the Mintrics Meter:

What is a Mintrics Score/Meter?

Mintrics Score/Meter is an advanced machine learning algorithm that reads through the most vital performance metrics and gives the video a score out of ten. Generally 7 and above is considered good.

online video analytics - mintrics meter breadown - mintrics dashboard

Some of the core metrics our Mintrics Meter reviews include…

1# Reach

2# Relevance Rate

online video analytics - mintrics meter - relevance rate

The relevance rate is the percentage of how many people took time to stop and watch the video vs the people that were reached in general.

3# The number of views

mintrics online video analytics dashoard - mintrics meter - total views

 This metric indicates the number of people who have watched your video. It helps you indicate how appealing your video is to your targeted audience.

4# Retention

mintrics retention rate - online video analytics

Retention rate helps you determine when your audience get bored and ditches the video. This is one of the vital video metrics you should keep an eye on, the higher the retention rate the more you need to reconsider where you’re content is getting off-point.

5# Bounce rate

Online video analytics - mintrics bounce rate

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who stop watching within the opening ten seconds.

6# Click through rate

Your CTR means the percentage of clicks on your video’s thumbnail when it appears in the suggestion column.

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7# Average duration watched

This video metric measures the duration people spend watching your videos. The higher the rate, the more likely that your content is relevant to your target audience and you’re doing good! If it’s the other way around, try investing more into researching topics before you proceed in video production.

8# Likeability, Shareability, and Interactivity rates

Those are engagement video metrics. Smart video publishers invest more time measuring those rates. Those metrics determine how well your video resonated with your target audience.

9# Muted Views

The number of muted views tells you a lot about people’s behavior when they see your video in their newsfeed. If this number is huge, you should add captions to your video to encourage your viewers to unmute the video.

10# Total Views

Calculating real views differ from channel to channel. YouTube, counts a view after 30 seconds, while Facebook, counts a view after only 3 seconds. So it can’t stand alone as a standard performance indicator.

total views mintrics breakdown

Mintrics AI aggregates those important metrics and with a little magic- (math), it determines your overall video performance in one score of 10 Head over to our competitive leaderboard and get your free trial today!

Now that You understand online video analytics, it’s time to start analyzing your videos! What video analytics tool do you use?