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Collaboration Announcement with Campaign Middle East

We are proud to announce our collaboration at Mintrics with Campaign Middle East magazine on a 2018 yearly recap issue highlighting the top MENA brands from January 1 to December 5. ” Campaign ME is a magazine that provides news… Continue Reading →

Top Fast Food Video Advertising Campaigns of 2018

Video Ad campaigns are a series of videos delivering a single idea and linked with one theme. They can deliver brand awareness and values while advertising to one of its services or products. They encourage engagement and increase views rate. Video… Continue Reading →

Why Brands are Measuring The Wrong Video Metrics

It’s easy to get misled by measuring the wrong video marketing metrics. We call those (vanity metrics) they tend to be positive and comforting but they really don’t add value to your brand objectives. This misleading data could be in… Continue Reading →

How to Master YouTube Video Marketing Successfully

YouTube Video Marketing Guide Youtube is the ultimate platform for publishing video content despite the fact that Facebook is now competing to be a more video friendly platform and keeping users navigating through facebook instead of heading out to Youtube… Continue Reading →

Mintrics App Celebrating its New Competitive Leaderboard

Celebrating Our Competitive Leaderboard We’ve been analyzing online video content since 2016. Helping brands recognize their position in the market, advertisers indicate the conversions of their video marketing, and publishers find the best ways to attract qualified leads. All while… Continue Reading →

Facebook Watch Party Feature Released in MENA

Facebook Watch Party Did you notice the Watch Party feature while scrolling down on Facebook? You can now watch videos simultaneously on facebook with your friends and favorite persons at the same time instead of watching alone and then sharing… Continue Reading →

Social Video Marketing | Your Way into Better Reach

Did you know that social videos reached +10 Million daily viewing minutes in the past two years? Let’s first introduce the term. Social videos: the captivating engaging videos shared across the social media platforms. Videos generate leads, reach, and engagement… Continue Reading →

McDonald’s Brilliant Use of Videos for Digital Advertising | Campaign Analysis

Mcdonald’s Coke Campaign Analysis In our Campaign Analysis series, today we bring you a detailed McDonald’s Coke campaign analysis; how “The Place Where Coke Tasted So Good” resonated with McDonald’s customers. We’ll explore how McDonald’s managed to fuse traditional video… Continue Reading →

Why Brands Are Heavily Gravitating Towards Data-Driven Video

Why Brands Use Data-Driven Video? The marketing game has been evolving rapidly. At first, when digital media was still a nascent industry, the amount of data-driven video content was little. This means that consumers weren’t bombarded with online video advertisements… Continue Reading →

4 Video Marketing Best Practices You Should Be Following

Video Marketing Best Practices You came here because you know the value of video content marketing. Either your agency has been using online video marketing for a long time, getting the best ROI, and now you want to maximize your… Continue Reading →

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