Cracking 2019’s Q1 video marketing directions into insightful forecasts!

Prepared your advertising campaigns for Ramadan yet? You should always have your 360-degree video marketing ready to perform at all times! How about breaking down the last 3 months of 2019 to forecast future marketing behaviors? Scroll down, although I tell you, if you never settle for less, you should hop into Mintrics’ app and see the whole market disbanding in front of you!

Video Length Breakdown

The video length breakdown shows us that the direction of video lengths is quite limited for very short video ads against the production of longer video lengths. But on the contrary, when we look at the consumption and interaction rates, the shorter the video the higher the consumption. Let’s break this into numbers:


Video Length - Published Videos

Video Length – Published Videos


Video Length Engagement


  • 0-60 second videos are only 8% of the market production, although it’s the highest rates of consumption which is 50% as shown below, which can only mean two things; people love engaging with shorter video lengths, the ad budget it high for this length. (See the purple in the chart)
  • 1-2 minute videos also take up 8% of the production, but the consumption rate decreases to 30 %, indicating a lower ad budget (mint)
  • 2-3 minute videos take up 18% of the produced videos in counter to a satisfying percentage of 15% engagement received (turquoise)
  • 3-4 lengths are taking up 11% of the market and only 3% engagement in return (yellow)

As every data savvy, you ask yourself what do the numbers mean, what action should you take?

Well, with Ramadan coming up, we advise you to consider shorter video lengths and raise the ad budget for them. Create appealing messages that spread the values of your brand and encourage engagement with powerful CTAs. Even better, become a premium Mintrics user and receive monthly personalized recommendations to enhance your performance.

 So arranging the lengths from the most engaging to the least noticed, it’ll go like this:

  1. 0-60 seconds: 50% of the market engagement
  2. 1-2 minutes: 30% 
  3. 2-3 minutes: 15%

Top Industries

Looking at the views in quarter 1, we can take a glimpse of who’s winning the audience before Ramadan. So the top active industries are:

  1. NGO
  2. Telecommunication (surprised?)
  3. FMCG
  4. Services
  5. and Electronics


Notably, non-governmental organizations are in a continuous streak hitting the viewership charts since 2018 (See the social video stats report’18

This quarter, in fact, they grossed 328M views in the first 3 months of the year. Who knows if they’ll keep it that way for Ramadan!

As a social video analytics tool, we see telecom brands A LOT topping the most charts. But this time, however, telecoms are being pushed behind by NGOs! – Perhaps only because they’re taking a break preparing for Ramadan campaigns (we know that for a fact).

Despite that, they managed a good amount of 246M views.

 FMCGs are in the 3rd wheel with 109M views, here’s Coca-Cola’s latest campaign. Perhaps you’ve seen Elaraby Group’s ad – (yep, they’re still publishing the same song over & over again).

 Services and electronics coming fourth and fifth with 133M and 58M views; take a quick peek at Otlob’s latest campaign with Orange featuring Abu Hafiza

Top Brands

The top-performing brands across all industries in terms of viewership are:

  1. Ommar El Ard
  2. Mashroua Nefsy Ataalem
  3. 7Nujoom
  4. Etisalat Misr
  5. Telecom Egypt

We weren’t fully surprised upon seeing Ommar El Ard on top of the viewed brands these past three months, but the 189M views they grossed were unexpected considering the content they produce (mostly repeated cross-posts).

We have Mashroua Nefsy Ataalem (under the same organization of Ommar El Ard) in the second tier with 100M views followed by 88M views from 7nujoom; publishing entertaining content that’s seemingly getting competent consumption from their audience.

Etisalat Misr and Telecom Egypt aren’t new to the video competition, they’re on the 4th and 5th tiers with 66M, 50M.

Quarter 1 Video Trends | Egypt

The mainstream in quarter one goes largely for using folklore songs, featuring celebrities and millennial influencers, along with using the emotional appeal like Elaraby Group (Yep, same song)

1. Sports

If you’re a sports fan then you probably have known that the Egyptian League is now running. On that side, WE (Telecom Egypt) have participated in Q1 with its campaign gearing towards El Ahly. Their video also garnered 28M views – It’s our 1st winner video grossing the most views in Q1!

2. Folklore Songs

We have Ali Rabea & Orange with their forever amusing folklore-like campaigns leading the trend of folklore songs. Apparently, it’s going all-too-well for them with this video only getting 15M views – Notwithstanding, the brand grossed 45M views alone this quarter.

On an unrelatable question to Orange’s campaign producers, what’s with that German Shepherd in all of your ads? 

3. Celebrities

Etisalat has taken the advantage of the LOVE-in-the-air all going to Ahmed Helmy, and with Arabs Got Talent now running on tv, it was a good approach from their side that got the conversation going for a couple of weeks about this ad!

  • It grossed Etisalat 65M views in those 3 months.

4. Millennial Influencers 

By the looks of it, we have all brands pivoting all their productions, and I mean all, towards entertaining songs. In addition to having 23% of the Egyptian population as youths, so it sets the base of all brands’ target audience.  

Coca Cola featuring Amir Eid, Abo, Esseily and Hana Ghoniem to cover all the millennial appealing aspects in one video, including the curly hair! With the talk rising towards natural hair in Egypt and the go-natural events taking more place in the social community, Coca Cola has got it all.

On the contrary, the video garnered 14M views

5. Mother’s Day

Of course, mother’s day has consumed most of the production the previous months, it has been one of the major conversations in campaigns during February and March. We have Elaraby Group marching towards the emotional appeal. Despite the repetitive cross-posting that’s on-going until now, it has garnered 6M views on Facebook only while the brand’s collected 14M views within this quarter.


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