• Many social media platforms, with little focus:


A widely common desire for small content creators and video-producing startups is to spread immediately on as many social platforms as possible. They find themselves fighting to conquer Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,  and even Google+ for God’s sake! That’s impossible, especially at such an early stage.

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It’s no wonder why quite a few marketers fail at social media strategies when they bite off more than what they can chew. It’s better to manage one, single platform very well than posting with a low frequency on each of the platforms, and miss out on answering your customers’ questions as well as engagement opportunities. This in return will decrease the reach of your activities, posts and videos as you crash the organic exposure.

Solution: if you are not ready to outsource your social media management, or can’t hire a dedicated manager within the team, then identify one platform that suites your business the best, and invest all the dedicated energy for social media to this network. Sometimes fresh eyes and hands outperform experience; find someone with the most hours spent on Facebook (and there’s always someone), and try to turn his or her passion to the advantage of the team.


  • Not making enough posts around your videos


Facebook has its secret algorithm for the exposure of your posts. But one of the revealed secrets of said algorithm is, the more you post, the more you reach each time. Also posting more frequent keeps your posts alive and kicking for longer periods.

Solution: The average posting rate is a post per day at least, or two posts per day to maximize your engagement on Facebook.



  • Lack of planning


Social media marketing strategy should -as any marketing strategy- have clear goals. You will probably lose fans and potential customers if you keep filling your space with mediocre posts or irrelevant, weak content. People don’t have to consume your content if they don’t like it. Try to focus on the content that addresses needs, and meets your audience’s expectations.

Solution: define your goals, and keep them SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).



  • Ignoring SEO


It is a waste of opportunities, when the social media team don’t embed the keywords the marketing team tries to optimize around in their posts, for the marketing potential and even for the post. As it misses the advantage of the SEO potential to lead traffic to the post or to appear on search engines’ result pages.

Solution: Basically, communication with the marketing team so that everyone knows the keywords chosen for the SEO optimization is essential. In details, a shared Google Doc with the keywords in use for optimization, and include them in your posts, captions or your visuals titles properly. By this, you increase reach and engagement.

  • Not taking advantage of tools


Managing social media on one platform takes more than 35 hours a month on average. It’s almost a working week. Invest more time on your content creation and on improving it, more than scheduling your post and managing your page. Specially when managing more than one platform

Solution: There are many tools out there, starting from publishing to analysis of your videos that give you detailed insights on social video content performance, audience and even benchmarks averages like what we’ve built with mintrics.com.



  • Believing too much in organic reach


Depending on your organic reach to acquire new prospects specially on some platforms more than others such as Facebook and LinkedIn. As your organic reach is very much affected by your page fans number and time of posting, the type of content and many other things.

Solution: Spend some money to boost your posts on Facebook. By this you make sure to reach new prospects. And optimize your targeting to reach valuable fans who will interact with your video content.