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Q1 Video Marketing Trends & Directions 2019 | UAE

Q1 State of Social Video Preview    Video Length Breakdown Video production in the UAE is dramatically smaller in terms of videos produced than Egypt’s. However there are several interesting things to note: 0-60 second videos account for 76% of the… Continue Reading →

2019 Social Video MENA Case Studies | Chipsy, Pepsi and Molto

Case Studies Brought Exclusively from The State of Social Video in 2018 | Egypt edition. Do you realize how many videos are published every year? We tracked around 1000 brands in Egypt, in 29 industries. The top industries were FMCG,… Continue Reading →

Why Brands Are Heavily Gravitating Towards Data-Driven Video

Why Brands Use Data-Driven Video? The marketing game has been evolving rapidly. At first, when digital media was still a nascent industry, the amount of data-driven video content was little. This means that consumers weren’t bombarded with online video advertisements… Continue Reading →

Lufthansa Inspired Travelers to Find Home Again in #inspiredby HEIMWEH – Video Campaign Analysis

Heimweh Video Campaign Analysis by Mintrics Today’s campaign analysis is about the successful brand Lufthansa. Exclusive to you by Mintrics‘ online video analytics tool. In order to have a successful marketing video or an advertisement, you have to include certain… Continue Reading →

5 Online Video Marketing Mistakes You’re Doing

Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid  The popularity of online video is going to fly more than before thanks to the new interactive formats starting to gain ground such as VR and 360 videos. However, if you’re just starting with… Continue Reading →

Create Affordable Video Marketing Without Sacrificing Quality

Affordable Video Marketing Sometimes you find yourself working with a big-budget client and you start spending lavishly. Getting top-notch equipment, hiring top of the line talent and pulling out all the stops, and this is great. But what about the… Continue Reading →

Online Video Metrics Brands Truly Care About

There’s a major shift in the metrics that agency execs care about. The new direction came about due to the generational gap between advertising agencies executives. One generation saw TV in its golden age while the other has witnessed the… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Compelling Explainer Video with Examples

Explainer Videos Explained Explainer video or overview videos are among the most popular tools for promoting a product. Why? Because they work. They can improve conversion rate by 15-75%, help consumers digest information faster and make it easier for the… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Social Video Analytic Tools Your Brand Needs in 2017

Video is like publicity, It helps brands EVEN when it’s bad. And THAT’S based on data! But Why?   With 500 million video viewers on Facebook/day and Youtube being the second most popular social network in the world: Social video… Continue Reading →

Do We Watch Videos To The End? A Closer Look into Retention & Views [Infographic]

Video content creators invest endless hours and bottomless dollars to deliver their messages to their target audience. We look at how the length of the video affects how much of the video people end up watching – what’s the relationship… Continue Reading →

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