Almost 9 of every 10 B2B businesses use social media to generate leads. Companies create loyal communities around their brands and engage with their fans.

The challenge, however, is to keep your target audience exposed to your content as much as possible. And with the Facebook algorithm, your post will hit 75% of its lifetime in less than 2 hours of reach. Your post’s impressions last half an hour longer (150 minutes total). 5 hours is what it takes to reach 75% of the total engagement that’s going to happen on the post. And eventually, the post starts to get fewer engagement and less impressions till it dies and get lost; forgotten in the long thread of posts. Keep in mind that videos could have higher average lifetimes – regularly exceeding two days.

The Facebook algorithm breathes a longer life in posts with higher engagement rates, and gathering engagement could happen in a number of ways. Reach is the most basic one of them, so the more people you reach, the more the chances for higher engagement. And the good thing about shares, is that it’s the type of engagement that lets your video reach even more people.

With the time and effort put to your social media strategies, you need a strategy to get the best of your post in its very short lifetime.

One way to look at it is by finding the best time to post. While it’s true that you’re more likely to organically reach more people during your peak times, in most cases, organic reach accounts for a tiny percentage of your audience, and a paid campaign is necessary. Moreover, Reach from Shares can out perform your organic, direct reach, in which case time of posting is irrelevant. In all cases, you need to post in different times and test performance to know the best practices for your page. Learn the demographics of your fans and try to post when you think will suit them the most.

Also, because of the post’s very short life span- you need to post every 3 hours just to keep yourself in the timeline. Around 5 posts along daytime, which means around 150 post per month for each page. With this strategy, you can’t focus on each content to ensure high standards, you better focus on planning an overall strategy that supports all your posts in general rather than wasting too much time on a post that will probably fade in very few hours. Monitor your posts, analyze your videos, understand how your content and strategy perform, to optimize your strategy to suites your audience the best.

With this number of posts per month, and with this short lifespan, reposting your posts few times along the month is tolerated. Especially since your post will appear to only 5-15% of your audience each time. It is a tiny chance to appear to the same fans twice. I would repost successful posts for months if it still brings back engagement. Also try to change the caption of your posts, and again, test. Changing the caption could turns your post’s performance upside down.