Video is like publicity, It helps brands EVEN when it’s bad. And THAT’S based on data! But Why?


With 500 million video viewers on Facebook/day and Youtube being the second most popular social network in the world:

  • Social video generates 1200 % more shares than text and images combined.




  • 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it.

Since Youtube is owned by google, You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.


Basically, pixels, word limits and sound bites are the key to retaining a viewer/ consumer’s attention span making the difference between a brand making it, or breaking it.

Creating a killer social media video content and “going live” is not the end of the process anymore, but rather the very beginning.

We’ve rounded up the best and only tools that provide big corporations, medium businesses, small brands, media companies, agencies, data analysts, content creators and publishers with social video analytics that will benefit their brands instantly!


  • Tubular Labs

tubular labs

Starting off this list with ‘Tubular Intelligence’ this tool allows you to see who is doing what best.

In other words, learn from your competitors market strategies in order to enhance your own! Their Creator Intelligence dashboard is a marketeers playground, highlighting the creators making digital waves, the influencers to watch out for and maybe hire for your brand.

This tool allows you mainly to discover who is hot and is ideal for influencer marketing



  • CrowdTangle


The best thing about CrowdTangle is Social Referrals.

Think of it as PR monitoring for your social videos, alerting you whenever someone posts links to your videos or says anything about the story you published.

Their Dashboard is a hootsuite meets Facebook news feed, sadly featuring less video content than all the other tools.

One of the most useful features for those who don’t have time to check in the app every day is their customized alerts, allowing you to only check the notifications that matter right now to you.

And if you’re laptop screen is super cool with a distinctive resolution, they’ve got Big Screen Visualization to make sure you’re seeing what everyone else is?



  • Mintrics


The ONLY social media video analytics tool solely focused on VIDEO! All mentioned tools’ analytical systems treat your videos as posts, undermining special metrics that are only valid for video. However Mintrics treats a social media video, as a VIDEO, giving you insights, analytics and data that serve and count for all the video metrics others miss.

Also, Mintrics offers the Mintrics Meter which is an AI based, machine learning algorithm that takes everything surrounding the performance of your video in account and then gives your video a score out of ten

Along with compiling and comparing lists, not only video but also page demographics (a feature that lacks with other tools), this is tool one to watch out for.

One last cherry on top of the cake, is the Benchmark formula completely unique to Mintrics. This model has cracked the equation needed to test video competency and performance.

Try out Mintrics for free HERE


  • Burst Insights


What started off as a brand and influencer video research tool, expanded and grew into an Intelligence Report for the market, mainly focusing on sports (with some open resources to read for everyone.). Their Discovery Platform works its magic by providing purchasers with the essential knowledge,based on data, to understanding social media videos from a-z in specific platforms. And now it’s open for for the public for a limited time alongside their social media report for tracking and video content analysis. Sadly, it’s only for Instagram, twitter and Vine videos so far.


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