Exclusive Valentine’s Day Video Insights & Case Studies 2018-2019

February 20, 2019

We’re probably late on the peak of Valentine’s Day. But we’re mint to be!  🍃

Since 2016, Mintrics analyzes millions of private/public social video data and our database is growing. This helps us identify recent and upcoming trends as well as analyzing audience behavior and video performances.

Valentine’s Day one of the onetime event that affects video consumers behavior of watching, sharing, and interacting with brands and videos especially in Egypt.

We needed to give Valentine’s targeting brands some time so we could measure the accurate, real-time data.

First, we asked ourselves a couple of questions to make sure we gathered the data that really matters.

  1. What’re the top active industries in Egypt trough Valentines day 2019 vs 2018?
  2. How did brands in Egypt cover valentine’s day in 2019 versus last year?
  3. What are the most viewed valentine’s day videos for 2018 vs 2019
  4. Is the consumer interest in Valentine’s videos rising or decreasing?

We’ll help you conduct a solid vision about the top 5 industries, top 5 brands, top 5 videos in 2019 and compare them against those of 2018.

Top Active Industries in Valentine’s Day 2018 vs 2019

Evidently, FMCG brands have maintained the highest viewership records for two years in a row AND the top video publishing industry as well with 9 videos this and last years!

In 2018, FMCG garnered around +1M views over 9 videos while in 2019, the same amount of videos reached a higher viewership +2M. Someone’s been developing their distribution strategies, huh?

We have telecommunication in the 2nd place last year but no sign this year. Transportation in the 3rd position last year and with telecommunication gone, it’s on the 2nd position this valentine, check Uber’s valentine campaigns below.

Fashion is maintaining its 4th position amongst Egypt’s top active industries – people love fashion gifts anytime!

And last comes the retail industry, unlike any other country, we have retail in the least top active industries for Valentine, well, at least they kept the position, right?

Valentine’s Day Top Brands

As appears in the chart below, most brands published only around 1-3 videos for Valentine. The question here is – are the top Valentine’s day video views goes to the same brands each year? Let’s see!

1# Crystal – 2018

The top viewership results go to Crystal in 2018 with their “modern way to cook” competition that encourages couples to create videos of themselves helping each other in the kitchen.

Crystal published two videos through that competition and made around 1,102.90K views that year.

The video was published on the 4th of February on Facebook and has gained 3.9K Likes, 180 comments and 161 shares with amass of 1M views alone! 

However, this year we don’t see Crystal amongst the top 5 brands, in fact, they haven’t published any videos since 27 January… Appears like someone’s changing his marketing plans – They better get along with it or they’ll lose the peak of Mother’s day too!

1# Clorets – 2019

Clorets showed up this Valentine with one video featuring common people expressing their love for their wives. Clorets’ message is that there’s no shame of expressing your love. They play on the relation between their optimal message “Breathe with confidence” and the express-with-confidence vibe you get when you see the video.

The video was published one day before Valentine’s day and the views are in constant increase!

When we first measure the data this Monday, 5 days after Valentine, it was 578.41K – half a million. What we weren’t aware of, is that after two days, other +500K views would take place and the video would harvest around 2M views in a week! Is that video going viral in Egypt or what?  🙄

2# Uber Egypt – 2018 & 2019

On the upper hand, Uber Egypt has persevered its 2nd position in terms of viewership for the two years in a row. What’s notable here, is that Uber every year produces Valentine’s video campaign consisting of 3 videos.

Last year, Uber’s “Single Survival Kit” campaign concluding of part 1, part 2 survival kit videos followed by a street interview asking people random questions about Valentine. This campaign has earned them around +1M views in 2018.

While this year, and with Uber’s “A Love Tail” Valentine campaign containing 3 published videos giving away gifts for their audience’s dog/cat in exchange for car rides to deliver the gift, noting that the rides-worth would be donated -their views decreased to 400K.



Uber’s clever approach to Valentines (speaking to the singles) appears to have worked last year pretty well, and that street interview sure helped to spread word of mouth about the campaign! Yet this year, people don’t seem excited about receiving a gift as long as they have to pay the delivery ride!

– Who established the idea though? 🤒

3# Etisalat – 2018

Etisalat’s recent Ad went viral with +11M views for featuring Ahmed Helmy, the love of the Egyptians… Besides Mo Salah of course! Let’s look at how they did on valentines day.

Seemingly, this video provides service from Etisalat, it should help couples know the showtimes of Cinemas in Egypt on Valentine’s day. They had that going since 2017 so we wouldn’t consider it a targeted campaign for Valentine. However, this video garnered around 500K views and pushed them to the 3rd position last years valentine.

3# Twinkies – 2019

If you go through Twinkies Egypt’s video library on Facebook, you’ll notice most of their video campaigns have hit a million views. They seem to handle their video marketing campaigns pretty well! 🤑

Comes the time when we measure valentine’s day insights, and Twinkies pops up in the 3rd position in terms of viewership. Well, of course, people in Egypt are fond of their exciting tone of voice and social media management, and they have this appealing distinctive manner of engagement that you find it hard to resist.

They garnered around 400K views this valentine, not a huge number but still, the brand has its huge records preserving its 3rd position among the top 5 brands in 2019s valentine day!

Was this information helpful? How do you think Egyptian brands leverage the power of national events and holidays? Let us know! 🧐

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