Through our yearly report of 2018, we pin-pointed some fast food brands in Egypt that garnered pretty good numbers using video advertising campaigns. Here’s why brands are gravitating towards videos.

Accordingly, we decided to shed light on their video advertising campaigns in 2018 and see what’s happened this year in the fast food industry in Egypt.

In this article, we look through four powerful fast-food chains and analyze their top grossing video ad campaigns on Facebook and YouTube using our recently launched competitive leaderboard.

The Fast Food Industry

The fast-food industry in Egypt is evolving. Accordingly, we have Pizza Hut, Hardee’s, McDonald’s, and KFC topping the video advertising mountain accumulating 1/3 the views of the fast-food industry.

Pizza Hut won first place with its “Big Bites- Eat it Backwards” campaign with 3M views. 2nd in line comes Hardee’s with +2M, followed by McDonald’s +2M views. KFC comes in last of the bunch with 95K views only.

#1 Pizza Hut “Eat it Backwards”

3,633,142 total views via 7 videos (and a lot of cheese) in their campaign “Eat it Backwards”

They’re advertising their new pizza crust filled with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese, and giving the audience the best way to enjoy this delicious crust, and it’s to eat it backwards 🙂

Here’s their most viewed video on the campaign:

  1. 1,010,601 Views
  2. 7,100 reactions
  3. 1,881 comments
  4. 166 shares

9,147 Total Engagements!

#2 McDonald’s “MacCoins”

McDonald’s has always surprised us with its brilliant campaigns over the years. And this year they have a special anniversary to celebrate with us.

Celebrating Big Mac’s 50th anniversary, they unveiled their own currency. For each BigMac you buy, you get a MacCoin which you can exchange for another BIG MAC! Starting from July, the coins can be redeemed until 31 December 2018.

What’s very cool about that is that they come with five different looks, each one representing a certain era of history.

  1. The ‘70s coins are adorned with beautiful flowers
  2. The ‘80s coins symbolizing the funky era or the pop art aesthetics
  3. The ‘90s coins having abstract shapes carved into it
  4. The ’20s coins resembling the evolution of technology and internet
  5. The ‘21s coins are carved with emojis. signifying the evolve of communication of this era.

MacCoin’s received 1,789,471 views, 13,000 reactions, 1,000 comments, and 559 shares.

3# Hardee’s “All-Star Meal”

Hardee’s comes 3rd, earning a total of 2,247,146 views with 17 videos in the campaign “All-Star Meal.” In this campaign, they highlight the deliciousness of their star meals to the extent that you might prefer the meal over your favorite person! Check out their video ad below:

Here’s a deep look into the numbers of their top viewed “all-star meal” video:

  1. 344.2K views
  2. 500 reactions
  3. 62 comments
  4. 25 shares

4# KFC “Jalapeno Twister”

KFC comes last with its Jalapeno Twister video advertising campaign. Promoting their new chicken twister with jalapeno sauce and cheese garnering over 95.9k views with 12 videos throughout the campaign.

Looking deep into the campaign’s top viewed video got around 52.1k views:


Tell us what you think of these campaigns and how Egyptian brands can further improve their video strategies to reach more people?