4 video marketing mistakes brand should avoid

September 15, 2017

We have discussed before the importance of video marketing and why the hype around it isn’t likely to die anytime soon. Matter of fact, the popularity of video is going to soar ever more than before thanks to the new interactive formats starting to gain ground, such as VR and 360 videos. However, if you’re just starting with video marketing or you have been at it for a while, but need some pointers, here are the top four video marketing mistakes brands and content creators should absolutely avoid in order to reap the full benefits of video marketing.

1- Not producing video for every step of the funnel

There’s a common misconception that videos are used just to increase brand awareness. However, video can be valuable at every step of the sales funnel. In the awareness stage, you can use fun and engaging advertising to grab the attention of your customer and position your brand in your customer’s mind using your key message.

Once your customer is moved down the funnel and in the consideration stage, you can provide him with explainer videos of your product or educational video content, such as How To videos. In the consideration stage, make sure to address your customer’s pain points and explain how your product is the perfect solution to their problems. Webinars and Facebook live video can also come in handy at this point. They have the advantage of engaging the audience in real-time, and actually getting to know your audience by listening to their questions and answering it.

Now, your customer has reached the bottom of the funnel, a.k.a the decision stage, what video content should you push at this moment? There are many: you can go with success stories or case studies on how you helped one of your clients, you can create a FAQ video or you can record a testimonial video of your customers saying why they loved your brand and chose it from all the available options.

2- Making your video all about the hard-sell

Of course, the end goal of any marketing activity is generating sales, but you don’t want to end up being the infomercial guy by listing your product’s feature and price point, right? It has been proven time after time that the famous saying “Facts tell, stories sell” rings true. Using storytelling will guarantee higher engagement rates and more audience retention.

You don’t want to be THAT cheesy infomercial guy, right?

3- Distribution

One mistake brands make unintentionally is thinking that the same video can work for multiple social platforms. However, that usually spells quick death for their video’s lifecycle. Facebook works better for short videos that are easily shareable while YouTube is the home for longer videos with higher retention rates. There are many pros and cons to posting video on Facebook vs. Youtube. You have to study them all carefully before you even begin working on your video.   

4- Analyzing video’s performance

Creating videos can sometimes be time and money consuming, but it’s well worth it. But if you didn’t measure your video’s performance, you won’t know the value and ROI are you actually getting from your video. Also, you won’t be able to test and iterate till you still down on what actually resonates with your audience. That’s why using a video analytics tool, like Mintrics, is essential. In addition to the usual metrics, you’ll be able to see the performance of your video across different social channels all in one place. You will also get access to special metrics designed to make benchmarking videos much easier, such as interactivity rate, shareability rate and likeability rate. To learn more, head to Mintrics.com

To summarize, you can leverage the true benefits of video using four easy steps: mapping your video to content to the sales funnel, provide educational and engaging video, select the platforms you upload your videos to carefully and finally, measure your video’s performance and test what works with your audience.

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