Videos across social have been spreading like wildfire and the flame’s only getting hotter. 8bn daily views on Facebook should be telling you to give the crowds the content form they seek before it’s too late and you find yourself shooting videos to desperately grab your audience’s attention in a sea of experienced video content creators across the globe.

Despite the endless advantages of sending your marketing messages in video form, there’s still reluctance from content creators who might not just realize how powerful and cost effective it is. Not to mention that it’s actually more fun and creative.

When we talk about content creation for social, it’s mostly a choice between text (short and long form), visuals, or videos which come in many shapes and forms. For the most part, text messages and visuals are tough to crack, and even when they make a break through, their cycle is shorter than the immediate hype might suggest.

Videos are engaging in every sense of the word. You lure people’s attention. You provoke them to interact. You entertain. You question. You communicate. There’s this intriguing depth that is just beyond other limited forms. In fact, our numbers show that, as a very general rule – and I hate generalizing as much as you do – fans enjoy and respond to videos much more than visuals and text.

Videos illustrate the message pretty well. You get full control of the composition, the script and the people. You get a timeline with a sequence of events, progress, a start middle and end…the whole nine yards. And the people are hungry for video content to consume.

In fact, from what we can tell, audiences are more likely to share videos than visual and text posts because, unlike the old days, they themselves are aware of the likelihood (or lack thereof) of their friends reading their commentary and then the text that’s being shared.

Content creators who avoid videos tend to share a common misconception that carrying out video marketing is complicated and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. And in fact, the most successful videos in terms of reach, views and engagement are all about the valuable content pushing behind a quick and easy execution.

While video production can cost an arm and a leg in some cases, it usually takes little more than an iPhone, a cool space with natural lighting, and lots of spirit to create the type of content that catches on. And even if it’s a mid-sized production, a standard DSLR camera, such as the Canon 5D or the Sony A7, a clip-on mic and maybe some lighting can go a long way into making a proper production on a very limited budget.

More importantly, videos are much more measurable, which is great for marketeers. With visual or text posts on Facebook, for example, you’re left with a high number reached and no idea on whether or not the recipients actually got the message. But with videos, you know exactly how many people watched, to which part of the video, and much, much more. We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount the data that comes out of consuming videos on Facebook – it’s fascinating!

In an upcoming post, we’ll share our experience with video marketing, with best practices on how to create cost-effective video content that converts into sales.