Youtube Livestream Updates

Live streaming videos are getting more popular every minute. That’s why many brands have chosen to include this new trend in their visual content marketing strategy. In response, social media sites and digital platforms have upped their live video streaming game. For example, Facebook made live video a priority and thus, live video will rank higher than normal videos in its users’ newsfeed. YouTube also had to take advantage of the events. These new Youtube Livestream updates indicate the upcoming era.

Easier Chat Moderation

Live streaming is all about two-way communication. Answering your audience question and interacting with them are key requirements for a successful live video stream, and having these new proper moderation tools will make this process much easier.

  • Inline moderation: press the “alt/option” button to quickly pause the chat feed. Once you do that, you can hover over a message to remove it or approve it.
  • On-spot reviews: YouTube will hold chat messages that are deemed inappropriate for the stream, and you can approve, hide or report those messages later. Gradually, the system gets better at recognizing the messages you would like to hold, meaning much less effort for the moderators. You can also manually block certain words or phrases.
  • Hidden user lists: Now you can use the comments hidden user lists both for comments and live stream chat as well.

Youtube Live Chat - youtube livestream updates

Ultra low-latency

Don’t let latency kill the interaction between you and your audience. With the ultra-low-latency option, you’ll get near real-time interaction. Youtube Livestream updates enable you to answer your audience questions just a few seconds after they ask it. How great is that?!

youtube livestream updates and real time interaction

iPhone or iPad YouTube Livestreaming

Previously, it was possible to stream from iPhone or iPad to Youtube Gaming only, but now you can stream directly to the main YouTube app.

There are several occasions where you can actually benefit from youtube’s Livestream updates. Let’s see:

  • If your brand is holding an event or sponsoring a concert, live streaming it to the audience would rapidly increase engagement and connectivity between the brand/audience.
  • You can also give your audience behind the scenes access using live stream which would help you gain more loyal leads.
  • Use your microphone and front camera to add a commentary, giving your stream a more personal touch. This trick works immediately attracting new leads curious to see what they’re missing.

youtube livestream updates takes videos to another level

Viewers usually get drawn to live video streams because they like to feel up to date, informed and involved. Nobody likes to feel like they’re missing something. You are going to be their source of information by engaging them to your products and whatever the content you’re producing. Online videos are definitely the way to do it.

For that, you need to always align your live streams with these goals in mind. However, while focusing on these youtube live stream updates and how to get the most of it, you need to analyze.

YouTube Livestreaming Analysis

Always remember to analyze your video’s performance after publishing so you can determine what works and what didn’t. Indicating the impact your content does on your audience helps you measure ROI and other key metrics to your brand. 

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