YouTube Video Marketing Guide

Youtube is the ultimate platform for publishing video content despite the fact that Facebook is now competing to be a more video friendly platform and keeping users navigating through facebook instead of heading out to Youtube for video watching or songs. Still, Youtube has the utmost authority of being a video watching platform. Plus it’s more user experience driven when it comes to videos. That was just why you need to keep your video marketing strategy focused on YouTube.

Your most needed aspect of reaching out to your audience is video content. Whilst there’s more than a billion active users on Youtube, there’s also one third of world’s internet activity spent on video watching!

Putting video content and video marketing together, the most valuable platform to combine both is YouTube. Other platforms can be used for short-form videos since the audience’s consumption of videos on Facebook is lesser than on youtube. Facebook users want quick, simple and entertaining short-form videos. While Youtube users don’t mind watching long-form videos, maybe a full episode of their favorite program!

Today we’re gonna discuss the highlights of video marketing on youtube. Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments. Before you head to that, here’s how social video marketing can increase your reach.

#1 Mobile-First Mindset

My first key to increasing viewership rate on youtube is developing a mobile-first mindset. Your audience does everything with their phones, they connect, chat, attend meetings and watch videos, even movies using their mobile phones.

mobile-first mindset for better youtube video marketing

You need to develop your channel to be mobile friendly. Know how they think and interact with content through their phones.

They like short-forms, they like smooth and fun informative content. They’re all for the quick entertainment. So your job is to deliver the applicable high-quality content that’s relevant to what they’re searching for.

Remember that: One second they’re watching your video, the next they’re bored and look for the next one. You’ll have to keep track of your audience’s behavior and keep a continuous maintenance on your channel and basically every platform you’re publishing videos on. See: video marketing best practices to keep your viewers engaged.

2# Optimize for SEO

So what goes after filming, montaging and editing a high-quality video? You publish! Nah, it’s not that easy.

Youtube video marketing - Youtube seo

The biggest part of youtube video marketing is optimizing SEO, that’s how your content reaches out and be viewed. The fun begins when you start optimizing your youtube videos before and after publishing and you start seeing results.

How to optimize youtube videos for SEO? 

It’s a long process. It starts from the moment you start uploading your video on the platform. Optimizing videos for SEO is like the On-page SEO of a blog post.


Conducting a keyword research, if haven’t already, would be beneficial at this point so you know what your audience is searching for, and then provide the targeted keyword in the title so it’s easy to find. Make sure it’s compelling so they’re curious enough to see the content or make it clear that it helps them solve a problem.

Use your targeted keyword and most valuable message in your title in just 60 characters so it won’t get cut off in the search results.


Your description, too, must include your keyword. Youtube shows only 100 characters in the description; about two or three lines. So you must write a compelling CTA copy and provide any important links up there. Make sure your copy has the best chances of driving views and engagement.

In the below text you can include your video transcription (a great SEO shifter for videos since it usually contains heavy keywords) Plus, you can have a specific channel description that contains your social URLs and video credits.

Add hashtags if you like, but use them wisely, it’s never good when people stick twenty hashtags in video descriptions thinking this brings them good. No mate, it brings your authenticity down. Instead, think of no more than 5 relative and important hashtags to your topic. Probably your main keywords.


Tags are meant to broaden the reach of youtube videos and help associate them with other relevant ones in the search or suggestions.

In the process of youtube video marketing, you should add tags with the most important keywords first, then you can add common keywords with long tail keywords so your target audience will get better chances of finding your video.


Under the advanced settings tap youtube will allow you to choose your video category. This is for further grouping the video with relevant content around the platform.


Youtube video thumbnails are the first thing that people see along with your title. It’s one of the crucial reasons why people click a youtube video in the first place. Youtube usually suggests several thumbnails from your video, but we recommend you use a custom image. Try a 1280 x 720 px image to fit all screen sizes. Focus on a high-quality shot that represents the video’s idea and generates more clicks.

Annotations, end screens, cards

Annotations are no longer available at youtube optimization. Instead, you can add end screens and cards to add either add polls, external links to other websites or internal links to other youtube videos of yours.

Youtube cards are small rectangular notifications that appear on the top right-hand corner of the video. Usually, Vloggers use these cards to direct people to other social profiles of theirs.

End screens extend the time of your video to present other useful related videos on your channel. They become in handy in terms of keeping your subscribers navigating through your channel. It’s easy to direct them to other videos or make them do a task once they’re entertained and engaged with this one.

3# Cross-Post

Your work doesn’t end at publishing your content. It actually begins, from monitoring the interaction and engagement you receive to tracking audience behavior. In addition to interacting with them to promoting your content and analyzing your revenue.

While on that, stay awake for these video marketing mistakes most video publishers are doing.

youtube video marketing through cross posting on social platforms

At this step, you should be cross-posting your video on other platforms and promoting it in every possible way.

Posting content on one platform isn’t enough to track viewers and increase its reach. Cross posting is one of the most beneficial methods of generating more reach and grabbing the attention of your target audience through social media platforms.

  • Collect email database and send them new video uploads
  • Upload on all your social channels
  • Keep a growth mindset and outreach to relevant influencers, ask them to collaborate in a win-win situation
  • Write a guest post that links back to your video (treat it like a blog post)

4# Run Youtube Ad Campaigns

Running youtube advertising campaigns can give a major shift to your business. You prepared your channel, found interesting content and wrote compelling scripts. You can’t throw all that effort on one platform and expect people to easily find it.

conduct youtube ad campaigns for better youtube video marketing

If you’re really willing to invest in Youtube marketing and grow your business. You need to pay for advertising campaigns so your content would reach most of your targeted audience. After hitting a record of subscriptions and views Youtube itself will be paying you. So it is worth it!

Here’s a full guide from Youtube on how to conduct advertising campaigns on Youtube to get you started.

5# Understand Youtube Video Analytics

To build a successful youtube video marketing strategy you need to comprehend youtube analytics. You don’t want to throw all your efforts at waste. 

understanding youtube video analytics is your way to youtube video marketing

Understanding youtube analytics requires experimenting with it to fully comprehend all its details. And the more you dive in the more you improve your video content distribution. A similar video analytics dashboard that delivers understandable and actionable insights smoothly is Mintrics.

Youtube’s video analytics dashboard is divided into three sections:

  1. Dashboard Overview
  2. Watch time reports
  3. Engagement reports

You need to take advantage of Youtube’s detailed analytic reports and use it as a guide along the way of your online video marketing process. Here’s a helpful guide through the most important video marketing metrics you need to measure.

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